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about us


who are we?

33 years old

the filmmaker and Defender mechanic
the project manager in the metal construction sector
the creative mind and solution finder
the one who always walks barefoot


29 years old

the photographer, chef in the kitchen and route planner
the psychologist
the extroverted woman who interacts a lot

We have been going through life together since 2013 and share a big desire to travel. We like to be active and prefer to spend our days in nature - kiting, climbing, mountaineering, diving or off-roading in our Defender.

Anker 1

how do we drive around the world?

Land Rover Defender, 300 TDI

1997 with 280'000 km

converted into a campervan completely on our own

You can read more about the rebuild-process here.

where are we traveling to?

We set off from our hometown of St Gallen in Switzerland in March 2021.
Our goal was to head east until we find a port where we can ship our car to South America.

Well, things turned out differently! Instead, we spent 8 months in the Middle East and have now been in Africa since August of 2022. We don't really know yet how things will continue. We'll probably head down to South Africa and then we'll see. On the mainpage you can see the route we have traveled so far.

Travelling without a time limit and without detailed route planning gives us a lot of freedom. We want to be able to decide spontaneously and freely where to travel and how long we stay.

We document our journey on Instagram and Patreon. This gives us great pleasure, but it also involves work. If you want to support us, we are very thankful for it. Here you can find out how you can do that.

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